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Key Features

Raised Foundations
Our homes are built on concrete pier foundations which raise the building above the ground.  We decided on this type of foundation for two reasons; firstly, it enables greater flexibility in site selection by allowing the homes to be built on slopes and uneven ground and secondly it allows for greater resistance to harsh natural occurrences such as gale force winds, earthquakes etc.

Modular Design
With our modular design the home-owner is in control – you can tailor the size of your TrueBuild home according to your family requirements and your budget by selecting the design in the most appropriate of the three sizes available  The developer benefits in the same way - he has the ability to offer clients choice which gives him the ability to react to real-time demand, thereby boosting sales efficiency.

Demountable & Transportable Design
We pride ourselves on the fact that our homes are solid and last a lifetime and yet can be built, delivered and assembled on-site in a matter of months from order, and furthermore they can be relocated within a matter of days. This is a key feature of your TrueBuild home – your home is as permanent as you want it to be, whilst allowing you the flexibility to relocate at your pleasure. For some this is a core reason for choosing TrueBuild, while others may never use this aspect of the design. In all cases, however, it is a very useful attribute that allows you to react to unforeseen circumstances.

Energy efficiency
Our homes are fully insulated throughout making them highly energy efficient. This makes our homes environmentally friendly and cost effective.