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Our Prices

At TrueBuild we offer flexibility to suit most customer profiles, this makes exact pricing a little difficult as it is dependent upon model, model size, size of order and finishing. 

    Prices Include 

  • Consultation with TrueBuild sales expert 
  • Guided tour of our factory and display home 
  • VAT if applicable
  • Hardwood laminate flooring or similar equivalent 
  • Standard light fittings 
  • Standard electrical contacts points 
  • Wiring installation to european standards 
  • Plumbing installation to european standards 
  • Sewage installation to european standards 
  • Windows in aluminium or PVC profile 
  • Double glazed glass packet 
  • All exposed wooden components impregnated with fire retardant and non-toxic pesticides 
  • 120 mm mineral wool insulation in outside walls, roof and floor 
  • 80mm mineral wool insulation in all internal walls 
  • Wooden verandah, with pine decking and exposed beam woodwork 
  • All surfaces ready for final coats of paint 
  • External light fittings 
  • Complete house mounting system for non-slab houses 
  • Foundations on level building sites with stable soil within Bulgaria 
  • Connection to existing utilities (water, electricity, sewage etc.) 

    Prices do not include

      • Transportation to building site
      • On-site expenses of assembly team
      • Utilities (water, electricity, waste disposal) to the exterior of each home
      • Kitchen, bathroom

Please contact us with any questions regarding pricing and we will answer directly.